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Diane Marie Uwase (RW, 1993) is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Antwerp(BE). Her narrative prowess thrives in allegorical portraiture, capturing diverse individuals in nuanced states. Since initiating her artistic journey in 2020, Uwase's work delves into these intimate moments, presenting viewers with captivating spaces for contemplation and conjecture.

Among her recent exhibitions are participations in group shows such as Perspectives 2023 at the CICA Museum in Gimpo-si (KR), Straight to Freedom Vol. 2 at Shame Gallery Sablon in Brussels(BE), and Read My Lips at De Studio in Antwerp(BE). Her involvement in the coaching program, POC POC 2, with The Constant Now, signifies her commitment to further artistic exploration.

In August 2023, Uwase made a striking impact with a billboard installation at the Wecandance and Bomboclat festivals, culminating in the making of her largest work during the opening weekend of the Wecandance festival.

Uwase's forthcoming engagements for 2024 include participation in a group show at the Gaverprijs 2024 at CC De Schakel in Waregem(BE),and Netwerk Aalst in Aalst(BE).  Her work has also been selected for the Biënnale Women in Art in Brussels (BE)




                                                                Group show, Netwerk Aalst, June 2024, Aalst, Belgium


                                                                Biënnale Women in Art, March 2024, Brussels, Belgium


                                                                Group show art competition, Gaverprijs 2024, 13/01/ - 24/02/2024, CC De Schakel, Waregem Belgium

2023 - 2024                   

                                                                Artistic coaching program,  POC POC 2, The Constant Now, Antwerp Belgium



                                                                Bill board installation , Freetown, Wecandance & Bomboclat festival, Zeebrugge, Belgium


                                                                Live painting performance, Freetown, Wecandance festival, Zeebrugge, Belgium


                                                                Group exhibition, Perspectives 2023, CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, Korea


                                                                Group exhibition, Straight to freedom vol. 2 , Shame Gallery Sablon , Brussels, Belgium


                                                                Group exhibition, Read my lips, de studio , Antwerp, Belgium



                                                                Duo exhibition , I To Eye, Kavka Oudaan, Antwerp, Belgium 


                                                                Duo exhibition , Untitled, Leeuwenstraat, Antwerp, Belgium

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